Index of types

account [Conex_resource.Author]
Variant of accounts
alg [Conex_resource.Digest]
The sum type of supported digest algorithms.
alg [Conex_resource.Signature]
The sum type of supported signature algorithms.
alg [Conex_resource.Key]
The sum type of supported asymmetric key algorithms.

base_error [Conex_repository]
Errors which can occur during any validation.

c [Conex_resource.Release]
The record for a checksum: filename and digest.
cc_err [Conex_io]
The variant of errors when computing checksums
checksum_map [Conex_resource.Release]
Type of a checksum map.
conflict [Conex_repository]
The variant of a conflict in the digest map.

err [Conex_unix_private_key]
Potential read errors

file_type [Conex_utils]
The sum type of possible file types we expect
fmt [Conex_utils]
'a fmt is the signature for pretty printers.

hdr [Conex_resource.Signature]
The signature header, an algorithm and a created timestamp.
hunk [Conex_diff]
A hunk.

identifier [Conex_resource]
The type of identifiers.
item [Conex_utils]
An item is a type and its payload

log [Conex_utils.LOGS]

m_err [Conex_repository]
The variant of monotonicity errors.
msgf [Conex_utils.LOGS]

name [Conex_resource]
The name of resources, used e.g.

path [Conex_utils]
A path is a list of strings
priv [Conex_resource.Key]
The type of private keys

r [Conex_resource.Author]
The type of a resource in the approved list: a counter (the index), a name, a typ, and its digest.
r_err [Conex_io]
The variant of read and parse errors.

s [Conex_resource.Wire]
The values in the key value store: either a map, a list, a string, or an unsigned integer.
set [Conex_utils.LOGS.Tag]
src [Conex_utils.LOGS]

t [Conex_diff]
A diff is a list of hunks, and a filename (mine and their are different for file addition and removal, otherwise they should be equal.
t [Conex_io]
A provider contains its base directory, a description, and read/write/exist functionality.
t [Conex_resource.Release]
The record of a release: a header, and a checksum map.
t [Conex_resource.Package]
The record for a package: a header, and a set of release names.
t [Conex_resource.Authorisation]
The authorisation record: a header, a name, and a set of authorised ids.
t [Conex_resource.Team]
The record for a team: a header and a set of members.
t [Conex_resource.Author]
The record of an author: name, key/signature pairs, created, counter, approved and queued resource lists.
t [Conex_resource.Digest]
A digest is a pair of digest algorithm and value.
t [Conex_resource.Signature]
A signature is a pair of header and value.
t [Conex_resource.Key]
The type of public keys
t [Conex_resource.Header]
The header consists of version, created, counter, wraps, a name, and a typ.
t [Conex_resource.Wire]
The toplevel node, a Map
t [Conex_repository]
The repository type
t [Conex_utils.Uint]
A 64 bit unsigned integer (using a int64).
t [Conex_utils.String]
Our string type is an OCaml string
typ [Conex_resource]
The sum type of all possible resources.

verification_error [Conex_crypto]
Potential error case when verifying a signature