Module Conex_unix_private_key

module Conex_unix_private_key: sig .. end
Private key IO

val write : Conex_io.t ->
string -> Conex_resource.Key.priv -> (unit, string) Pervasives.result
write_private_key prov id key writes the given key to disk (in "~/.conex/", using the basedir of prov as file prefix.
type err = [ `Msg of string | `NotFound of string ] 
Potential read errors
val pp_err : err Conex_utils.fmt
pp_err err pretty prints err.
val read : Conex_io.t ->
string ->
(Conex_resource.Key.priv, err) Pervasives.result
read_private_key prov id is either Ok priv or an Error. The private key corresponding to prov and id is loaded.
val find_ids : unit -> ((string * string) list, string) Pervasives.result
find_ids () is a (id, path) list of private keys present.