Module Conex_diff

module Conex_diff: sig .. end
Diff: decode patch files into hunks.

Diff: decode patch files into hunks.
type hunk 
A hunk.
type t = {
   mine_name : string;
   their_name : string;
   hunks : hunk list;
A diff is a list of hunks, and a filename (mine and their are different for file addition and removal, otherwise they should be equal.
val file : t -> string
file diff is mine_name unless this is "/dev/null", in which case their_name is used. A potentially leading "a/" or "b/" is stripped from mine/their.
val to_diffs : string -> t list
to_diffs str decodes the given patch into a list of diff.
val diffs_to_components : t list ->
Conex_utils.S.t * Conex_utils.S.t * Conex_utils.S.t *
Conex_utils.S.t Conex_utils.M.t
diffs_to_components diffs categorises the diffs into sets of modified ids, authorisations, package resources, and a map of releases.
val patch : string option -> t -> string
patch data diff is data', which is the result of applying diff to data.