Index of values

abort_smp [Otr.Engine]

abort_smp session is session', out, ret, which aborts an unfinished SMP.

all_policies [Otr.State]

all_policies returns a list of all defined policies.

all_versions [Otr.State]

all_versions returns a list of all supported versions.

answer_smp [Otr.Engine]

answer_smp session secret is session', out, ret, which answers the SMP.

config [Otr.State]

config versions policies is config, the configuration with the given versions and policies.

config_of_sexp [Otr.State]
end_otr [Otr.Engine]

end_otr session is session', out, which ends the OTR session.

handle [Otr.Engine]

handle session data is session', out, ret, which handles received data.

is_encrypted [Otr.State]

is_encrypted session is true if the session is established.

new_session [Otr.State]

new_session configuration dsa () is session, a fresh session given the configuration and dsa private key.

own_fingerprint [Otr.Utils]

own_fingerprint dsa is fp, the fingerprint of the private DSA key.

policy_of_sexp [Otr.State]
policy_to_string [Otr.State]

policy_to_string policy is string, the string representation of the given policy.

send_otr [Otr.Engine]

send_otr session message is session', out, user_data, where out should be sent to the communication partner and user_data be presented to the user.

session_to_string [Otr.State]

session_to_string session is string, the string representation of the session.

sexp_of_config [Otr.State]
sexp_of_policy [Otr.State]
sexp_of_version [Otr.State]
start_otr [Otr.Engine]

start_otr session is session', out, which initiates an OTR session.

start_smp [Otr.Engine]

start_smp session ~question shared_secret is session', out,
, which starts the socialist millionairs problem if the session is already established, using potentially the question and shared_secret.

string_to_policy [Otr.State]

string_to_policy string is policy, the policy matching the string (None if none matches).

string_to_version [Otr.State]

string_to_version string is version, the version matching the string (None if none matches).

their_dsa [Otr.State]

their_dsa session is dsa, the public DSA key used by the communication partner (if the session is established).

their_fingerprint [Otr.Utils]

their_fingerprint session is fp, the fingerprint of the communication partner (None if no session is established).

update_config [Otr.State]

update_config config session is session, the session adjusted to the config.

version [Otr.State]

version session is version, the current active protocol version of this session.

version_of_sexp [Otr.State]
version_to_string [Otr.State]

version_to_string version is string, the string representation of the version.